M.R. Johnston,  F. Ghisetti,  P. Wopereis   2022 

This page provides access to the  geo-referenced  "Revised Geological Map of the Nelson-Richmond Urban Area"  by M.R. Johnston, F. Ghisetti and P. Wopereis (v3, 2022). This map updates the geology  of the  Neogene sedimentary units originaly mapped by Johnston (1979)  in the "Geology of the Nelson Urban Area".   The Johnston (1979 ) geological map and Illustrative notes provide details on the  basement terranes in the Nelson-Richmond area  and can be acquired from  GNS

The  geological map and associated legend, stratigraphic column, cross sections, tectonic reconstructions and explanatory notes are freely available to download from this site for educational, scientific and non commercial purposes, but the authors retain full copyright of all material posted here. Please use this reference link if circulating the material in any form. 



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The following  documents describe the structural setting and main faults of the Nelson-Richmond area. 


 A note on the main structures (faults and folds) mapped in the "Revised Geological Map of the Nelson-Richmond Urban Area".



A note on seismotectonic aspects of active faults mapped in the "Revised Geological Map of the Nelson-Richmond Urban Area".


 An explanatory note on the evolution of the Waimea-Flaxmore Fault System, as illustrated in the video  that can be downloaded to the right.       


The video showing the evolution of the Waimea-Flaxmore Fault system, as reconstructed from 65 Million Years ago (Eocene) to the Present-day.

Photo Gallery

The following photographs show aspects of major active faults in the urban area 

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This map shows - at the time it was compiled - an interpretation of the geology and structure of the Nelson-Richmond area, based on the geological mapping of the compilers and others and supplemented by limited subsurface data.   The map has required interpretations and assumptions to be made to interpolate between outcrops in areas of poor or no exposure. The scale of the original mapping has required generalisation of geological boundaries and omission of some features, including soils and thin cover sediments, such as slope wash, slope failure and other deposits. 

 The map must not be used for building site assessment, engineering projects and development, and/or other work where detailed site-specific investigations are required. 

 It is aim of the compilers of this map to update it at periodic intervals as new information becomes available. This will likely lead to the refinement of the position of geological contacts and faults and the description of rock units depicted on the map. The authors welcome any additional information related to the geological map, and its interpretation.